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Heating Contractor

In the middle of winter is not the time to find out that your furnace is not working properly. However, should you experience a problem, our professional technicians at Wayne Luca Burner Service can provide timely and courteous service at an affordable price. We can handle furnace replacements as well. We have been taking care of the heating needs of our friends in Peterborough & the surrounding areas since 1977. Our commitment to quality service extends beyond just fixing your furnace when a problem arises. We are here to maintain your heating system to help ensure your home is comfortable during the coldest weather. Preventative maintenance can save hundreds of dollars in repairs. When your furnace has to work harder because of problems, this can result in higher utility costs as well as damage to the unit. Identifying the problem early and getting a furnace repaired can cost a lot less than replacing expensive parts or the entire furnace. 

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Air Conditioning Contractor

Do you need air conditioning repair services in Peterborough? If your central air conditioning  unit isn't working properly, there are multiple ways it can affect you in the summer months. When an A/C repair is needed, your unit most likely will not be providing you with the cool air needed on those hot summer days. Sometimes your unit needs to work harder than it should just to keep your home cool resulting in higher utility bills every month. If you're noticing your bills are higher than normal, give Wayne Lucas Burner Service a call. We offer affordable air conditioning repair services with amazing customer service.

Heating Contractor

Keeping you Cool in the Summer & Warm in the Winter

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Heating & Cooling Contractor In Peterborough

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